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High Level ArchitecturE

The OPERANDO platform is decomposed into individual services, which are developed, updated, and deployed separately from one another. The Docker platform is used to quickly create isolated runtime environments for the services of the platform. This gives the developers the independence to implement and build their services using a technology stack that is most suitable for achieving the business function the services implement. Another advantage of using container-based deployment system with this architecture is that is it relatively easy to deploy the OPERANDO platform (or part of it) on a new site.


The updated diagram of the high-level architecture can be seen in Figure below:


















The services are logically grouped into architectural containers which are specified in document D2.7. The containers are described below:


  • PA Core: internal platform core services.
  • Personal Data Repository: services responsible for handling storage and retrieval of user data (covered in WP6).
  • WebUI: services that implement the platform’s user interface and reporting (covered in WP5).
  • External Services: services that interact with resources and services external to the platform (covered in WP5).
  • Client applications: iOS, Android, and browser extension clients of the OPERANDO platform. (used only in B2C, covered in WP7).